Fiverr is an awesome gig economy site with all sorts of fun online offerings.

Gig economy site?? Essentially lots of talented people get on Fiverr daily and offer mini services for fun and profit starting at $5.

It’s one of my favorite tools for ZenMaid and our marketing. I recently read an awesome article from Neville Medhora and I thought I’d present you some example results you might find interesting for your maid service or you personally.

Below I’ve linked to and posted the results of XYZ gigs totaling $ABC. Including:

digital marketing gigs for your maid service (tested on Courtney Wisely’s Magic Maids without her knowledge)
– some cool things we’ve gotten done for ZenMaid for your inspiration

– multiple for fun gigs (both personal and business)
– I couldn’t help it – I got a puppy or two animated as well


– Amar

Mobile app or website promotion video ($60) –

It’s 2018. Your website absolutely MUST be mobile friendly for your visitors. An easy way to this would be to install  the new ZenMaid Instant Booking Form on your website.

And when you do this gig is a great option to let people know (the video produced below could be used via email, social media, or even paid ads)

It took me a couple minutes to write up the text necessary for this video and it was returned in less than 48 hours. Pretty blown away by the end result.

Final product:

This gig would be $35 but we wanted custom colors and both iPhone and Android which drove up the price (credit to the seller on good plan structure – we were happy to pay more)

Link to gig:

Vector images –

Neville went for an avatar type graphic/animation in his post but I wanted to try something that we could maybe use for ZenMaid on a team page or something similar. Pretty cool result (we would need to re-order) but I think it makes me look fat 😀

The initial photos:

The final results:

From Left to Right – ZenMaid CTO Alex Lambolez, ZenMaid CEO Amar Ghose, and Fran

Website review –

**ordered for Courtney** 2 New Logo Designs $12 –

Explainer video

We wrote an article about we created the video above which can be read here:

1 Hour Market Research –

A $5 Analysis of Maid Services in Festus, MO for Magic Maids

Full Background Check –

Facebook Group Cover Image – Our friend Fran actually designed this one for us because we couldn’t find the right fit on Fiverr (there were good options there, just none we went with) :

Email signature –

** Ordered for Courtney ** Keyword Research ($7) –

Provided the following keywords to get him started:

Maid Service
House Cleaning
Home Cleaning
Residential cleaning
Apartment cleaning

Location: USA – Festus, MO

Jesus Testimonial for ZenMaid (Parody) –

Pet Portrait –

Got our dog, Joy, portraited in a suit –