ZenMaid Podcast Episode #5: Linda Dazey

January 23, 2020 in Grow your Maid Service

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Join Courtney on this episode of ZenMaid’s Top Contributor Tuesday as she conducts a one-on-one on the spot interview with our guest Linda Dazey. Today, they talk about

  1. How she coped up with the struggles of business owners leaving the field and focusing on company management
  2. Linda Dazey’s daily office routine and how she works together with her office assistant
  3. Her struggles with training and finding quality employees and she managed to overcome these
  4. How setting up professional boundaries with your clients and employees can help one establish a well-running business

At the start of the podcast, Courtney reveals that she is living 30 minutes away from Linda. Linda believes that Courtney is a friend not to be treated as competition as they help each other out from time to time whenever one needs it. They lend each others’ employees whenever one is overbooked and they make sure to refer a client to the company that services within the client’s area.

Linda reveals at 6:03 that she entered the maid service industry 21 years ago after her friend recommended it to her. She started cleaning homes after going through a divorce and after she realized that she can’t do retail work because she had a baby to take care of. At the final quarter of 2017, she decided to finally make her maid service company official under the name Dazey House Cleaning.

At 7:40, the two talk about how Linda went on to manage on her business and stopped being in the cleaning field. Initially, she felt out of control and she emphasizes that it will be fine if things get out of control as they will eventually be okay. She shared how she lost clients (she estimated almost half of her business) over this transition and says that it’s okay to let them go their way because more opportunities wait.

At 10:48, Linda and Courtney talk about Linda’s company — Dazey House Cleaning. She shares why she went on to use her last name to make it her company’s name. During this part, she also shares the her company uses cleaning products that do not have bad effects to the client’s home and to her employees’ health.

After sharing how her daily routine looks like, Linda goes on to talk about her relationship with her office assistant, Nyck at 14:21. She shares that though Nyck has zero work experience, she sees great potential with the college young man having great entrepreneur skills. She admits that they absolutely have a great and dynamic chemistry but still have a lot of work to do to improve their partnership. This includes occasional arguments and she admits she often gets her way.

At 17:57, Courtney goes on to ask Linda about the top things she excel and another that she most struggle at. Linda answers her back sharing that one of her main struggles is training employees but she got over with it by setting a positive mind which turned her even excited to train her people. She also shares what she believes is her primary strength: her bubbly personality. She equates this trait of hers to great customer service experience that echoes all throughout her company.

At 23:04, she elaborates about her goals for 2018. One of her goals, according to Linda, would be to make her and her company to be taken more seriously by the client and by her employees. The first step she took is setting up boundaries. One of the many examples is having their service agreement and company cover page implemented.

At 28:49, Linda reveals that she’s read books focusing on one’s spirituality. She makes sure that her eco-friendly company follows guidance through her spiritual beliefs. She’s doing spiritual practices and some she chooses to apply on her management.

At 36:37, Linda reveals what’s the best thing she learned for being part of the ZenMaid Mastermind Group and she surprisingly reveals how all the people in the group have the same issues and how they form an incredible connection.

At 37:47, Linda shares yet another one of her amazing visions: she makes her employees know that the cleaning service industry is full of amazing intellectual people that do significant works cleaning off the negativities away off of homes.

Listen up to this podcast to learn more amazing topics with Courtney and Linda Dazey!

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

Dazey House Cleaning website

Mentor Box website

Lisa Fraley’s Easy Legal Steps…That Are Also Good For Your Soul: 7 Steps to Go From Stuck & Scared of the Law to Confident & Empowered

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