Maid Service Expert: Owen Lutz Founder of Traffic and Flow

April 26, 2021 in Business

Last Updated on August 10, 2023 by The ZenMaid Team

Owen Lutz is the Co-Owner and Creative Director of Traffic and Flow, a full service digital marketing firm based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Who should work with Owen Lutz?

Traffic and Flow is a Marketing Organization on a Mission to help 1,000 Home Service Companies Double their business! To find out more about working with Owen Lutz, visit his website Traffic and Flow.


Amar is the founder and CEO of ZenMaid Software, Inc. He started and ran Fast Friendly Spotless, a maid service in Orange County, CA. With the help of customized software to automate work he successfully operated the service in under 30 minutes per day. He created ZenMaid scheduling software to help other maid service owners do the same.

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