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Get more cleaning business clients using this Facebook Ads retargeting strategy

January 23, 2020 in Grow your Maid Service, Marketing

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Are you a cleaning business owner looking for an effective way to reach new customers? Retargeting with Facebook Ads is your secret weapon. This article will share how engaging warm leads with a retargeting strategy will help you turn prospects into paying customers. With this retargeting strategy, you can attract more people who are likely to book with you without even having to search for them — saving you time and money. Ready to get more cleaning business clients? Let’s get started.

Facebook Ad Campaigns vs. Boosted Posts

Anytime you post on your business account, you’re given an opportunity to turn it into a Boosted Post. While this is a form of advertising on Facebook, a Boosted Post is not considered a Facebook Ad. Rather, it’s a post to your Page’s timeline that you you pay for to reach an audience of your choosing. Boosted Posts might get seen by more people, but it does not focus on a specific group. Like a sprinkler, it sprays aimlessly in all directions, possibly hitting your flowers on the yard’s edge. While this is a simple and easy way to advertise on Facebook, it’s not part of the strategy we’ll be using in Facebook Ads.  

So, let’s focus on Facebook Ads Campaigns — the bread and butter of our retargeting strategy! They are a more direct form of advertising, targeted toward groups who have already expressed interest in your cleaning company. Think of it like using a watering can and putting your ads straight in front of the most relevant people. We call these warm leads, which we’ll explain more in a minute. Facebook Ad Campaigns are the only way to use retargeting effectively on social media.

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Warm vs. cold leads

When it comes to driving traffic and getting more cleaning business clients, it’s important to understand the difference between warm and cold leads. A warm lead is someone who has already interacted with your maid service in some way. This could be through signing up for a newsletter, booking a past cleaning service, or visiting your website. These are leads that have already expressed an interest in learning more about what you offer. 

On the other hand, cold leads are prospects who may have never heard of you before; for many businesses, this could be their existing customer list or even lookalike audiences. Sometimes cold leads can lead to client conversions, but it takes a lot more time, money, and effort to get to that point than warm leads.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting campaigns are effective at helping bridge the gap between warm and cold leads. By leveraging data collected from pixel tracking codes on Facebook’s large data-tracking platform, Facebook Ads can target qualified prospects that have already visited your website or business page. This helps build trust with potential customers through consistency by continuing to provide them with valuable content throughout their journey down the sales funnel. Retargeting campaigns give cleaning businesses better control over budget since they know exactly who they’re targeting — instead of wasting money on untested cold leads.

In short, retargeting campaigns can help bring back potential customers who had previously expressed an interest in your services and introduce others who may not yet be familiar with your cleaning business to become long-term customers. With with right strategy and messaging, retargeting can take your cleaning business’s digital presence to the next level!

The easiest road to retargeting

As we mentioned earlier, retargeting is important because people don’t typically buy during first contact. There are many ways that you can get to your retargeting goals. Here is the easy one to save you from some of the more complex and strenuous paths. It looks a little like this:

Website: By targeting the people visiting your home cleaning company’s website or watching your videos, you will find an audience of warm leads.

Email lists: Include any email lists you have access to, and you’ll grow a larger following to engage with.

Incentive: Send your warm leads an offer, like a “Get a free oven cleaning when you book today” coupon.

Now, the money you are spending on Facebook advertising goes directly to the master list of people you’ve created from your engagements. These leads are the ones who will get the offer or discount simply by booking with your maid service one time. Having already noticed your cleaning business before, they are more likely to find out more. The freebie or discount just sweetens the deal. 

Once contact details have been entered into your system, that person becomes a new lead, and you get notified. (Make sure you have the right automation in place to get this system streamlined.) Then, you can use that information to reach those who have already interacted with your business and update potential and current cleaning clients about all the great specials and rates you provide.

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How to set up your cleaning business’ first Facebook Ad Campaign

If you’re wondering, “How exactly do I set up a Facebook Ad Campaign?” we’ve got you covered. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Install Pixel Tracking Code

You will first need to install a tracking code (or “pixel”) on all of your website pages. This code will be provided by Facebook, and it needs to be embedded into your page’s HTML. This tracking data allows Facebook to recognize when someone has visited your site and target them in ads later on. If you help setting up the pixel, Facebook (Meta) has a great support page

Step 2: Configure Visitor Target Audience

Once the pixel has been installed and configured correctly, you can start setting up targeted audiences based on website visitors’ behavior. For this example, we’re going to focus on creating an audience of visitors that have viewed any of your cleaning service pages: To begin, head over to “Audiences” in the Ads Manager or Business Manager and choose “Create a Custom Audience” option from the dropdown menu.  Then select ‘Website Traffic’ from the list of options; here, you’ll be able to create an audience segment based on users who have recently visited specific pages or actions taken on your website related to cleaning services (e.g., adding products to a cart or purchasing.) Follow Facebook’s setup wizard for further details about refining these targeting criteria for the best results.

Step 3: Create Your Ad Campaign

Now that you’ve set up an audience of people who have already shown interest in your services, it’s time to create an ad campaign specifically targeting that audience! Head over to Ads Manager (or Business Manager) and choose “Create an Ad” from the dropdown menu; here, you’ll be able to upload images, write copy, and select other relevant settings before submitting your campaign for review by Facebook’s team. Once approved, it should go live within 24 hours! 

When you get more familiar with the platform, use A/B testing techniques when choosing different elements, like images or copy, to learn which combination produces more effective results overall. This should give better insight into what messaging resonates with potential customers most effectively too!

Step 4: Monitor & Optimize Performance

Now that your retargeted ad campaign is live don’t forget about it! After the initial launch period is complete, take some time regularly monitor performance metrics (e.g., CTRs or CPMs) so that you can continue optimizing for better outcomes over time – such as a higher conversion rate or lower cost per click. Experimentation is key here; try displaying different variations of creative assets or adjusting how much budget is allocated each day in order to optimize results even further; these simple tests can often yield strong positive gains!

Troubleshooting:  If you’re having trouble getting Facebook to approve your Ad, you may need to spend some time reading about Facebook’s Advertising parameters. You can also hire social media specialists to help you create effective Ads that always meet their qualifications. Join our free ZenMaid Mastermind Facebook Group to chat with other cleaning business owners and get recommendations for their favorite social media specialists. 

Wrapping up

We hope this article helped you understand the importance of retargeting with Facebook Ads and gave you the confidence to start your first campaign! To learn more about marketing cleaning business on social media, head over to this article next.

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