A recent ZenMaid customer let us know he didn’t know how to increase his cleaning clientele. Maria, who exited her business after filling the schedules of 20+ cleaners, gave her quick 5 tips to market your maid service.

Want us to go into more detail on the suggestions below? Let us know!

1. Flyer/canvas apartments and homes. You will need to flyer each area at least 3 times a month before they call, but it’s free. If they don’t call by month 5, I’d move on to a different area.

2. Add you business card/flyer to local coffee houses, car shops, or public libraries. Anyone that allows you to advertise for free.

3. Place an ad in your community local newspaper.

4. SEO, SEO, SEO. 🙂

5. Local Facebook groups. Again, this is free advertising.