Do Yelp leads convert into recurring cleanings more than Facebook leads? Do you know?

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Not all leads are created equal.

When you look at your maid service's advertising channels, like Yelp and Facebook, it's important that you know more than just how often they sign up for a cleaning.

You also need to know how often they sign up for recurring services with you because that's where the real money is for you.

Now we all know that Groupon leads convert terribly.

But what about Facebook, Yelp, and Google AdWords?

Do you know?

ZenMaid customers do.

To help you answer this question the ZenMaid team has created a unique marketing report so you can track over time how your different channels are performing:

If you're already a customer and weren't aware of this, you can view this report in your account (as long as you've been tracking your marketing sources!).

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PS ZenMaid is constantly improving. In fact we have a public feedback forum where our customers can let us know what they'd like to see in the software next and we keep them up to date on what we're working on:

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