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Social Media Strategies for Cleaning Business Owners

January 23, 2020 in branding, Grow your Maid Service, Marketing

Last Updated on August 25, 2023 by The ZenMaid Team

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Mark Lane and Lisa Hicks break down the top 7 most effective web strategies to show you how to market for cleaning business.

Not only do they cover the whole web, they also take a special look at social media strategies.

You will also learn about several topics that can help you maximize your web presence.

1) Produce relevant and original content on your maid service’s website

The key to having a solid, successful home cleaning company. The idea is for your users to feel like they are being spoken to directly.

Achieve this by producing relevant and original content.

Your maid service’s website content can be made relevant as quick as you can read the letters ABC.

  1. Identify your target ideal clientele.
  2. Understand your user’s intent when searching for your maid service’s website.
  3. Be consistent!

When you identify and understand your user, you learn what they want from a maid service.

Consider where your clients are coming from: Are they upper, upper-middle, or lower-middle class? Do they have children? Are they moving? What exactly are they looking for from maid services?

Answer questions like these and you can better anticipate the needs of the cleaning client. By doing this, you make the client feel seen, and that builds a solid rapport.

Once you identify your ideal client, show consistency in your communication and maintain a defined audience on your webpage.

2) Optimize your maid service’s website

In order to be seen online, you must track your cleaning company’s web page and understand how to improve it.

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods, to increase your maid service’s visibility online. There are many processes of doing this, including: keyword research, creating quality content, and modifying content to make it more valuable.

These techniques will increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website.

However, with so many users coming to your webpage, you might experience the technical issues and glitches that come with that kind of volume.

The problem with this is that people tend to leave a site that is not functioning properly.

If your website is slow to respond, users will quickly exit. This can cause you to lose cleaning client leads.

Luckily, there are sites like GTmetrix or Pingdom, that can be used to learn how to understand and improve the pagespeed for your cleaning company website.

3) Call your home cleaning clients to action!

ZenMaid’s Calls to Action have all been A/B tested to make sure they are as clear and effective as possible.

When you are offering promotions, specials, or packages, your cleaning client should be able to identify what those are and how to get them without difficulty.

A commonly utilized technique for this is a “Call To Action”, a bit of content designed to persuade users to complete a certain act.

The ZenMaid website guides viewers to do one of only two things: get started on a free trial, or learn more about the software.

This approach helps to guide visitors to specific services you offer with an easily marked portion of text like: Click Here, Sign-Up Now, or Subscribe

Use bold font, highlighted font, or create an eye-catching button to click. People love pressing buttons.

Many successful companies, use this method to encourage user engagement including: NetflixTrello and Hubspot. Take a look and see for yourself.

4) Run audits for your maid service’s website

Just like people, websites need check-ups every so often.

Instead of a trip to the doctor though, you just run an audit for your maid service’s website from home.

Although the word sounds unpleasant, it is actually a good thing to do regularly for your website.

What it will do, is show the factors that can affect your website’s search engine visibility. From content to technical issues, an audit will point out the strengths and weaknesses of your page.

Knowing these factors can arm you with the information you need to increase your rankings online.

Limited audits can be done for free using sites like: SEMrushWebsite Grader or The HothThere are also full paid audits that can be accomplished using Fiverr.

5) Utilize tools to monitor your maid service’s website

Knowing how your web page ranks is one of the best ways to improve it.

The following tools can help you to oversee your cleaning business’ website and increase its usability:

  • Google Webmaster Tools cover all of your SEO features. SEO is an important skill to apply to a home cleaning business’ website because it increases web traffic. Use GMT to take a look at things like keywords, crawl letters and links in order to translate search engine optimization into increased sales.
  • Google Analytics explains the web traffic to your cleaning business website. Use this tool to understand your clients and improve your webpage. You can increase your traffic with Google Analytics by monitoring your Return On Investment (ROI) and tracking your social networking sites, applications, Flash and video.
  • Hot Jar uses heatmaps to track what people actually look at on your page. It shows their line of vision, how they scroll and what they click on. This is the best way to know your user’s motivations when on your webpage. Hot Jar even offers videos of recorded sessions. These allow you to see how people use your cleaning services site in action, so that you can make their experience even better. It’s honestly one of the coolest techy things I’ve ever heard of.

6) Make sure your maid service’s website is mobile friendly

In 2019, when we want to look something up, we are most likely to use our cell phones.

Your maid service’s website should be able to be viewed on a smartphone just as easily as it can on a laptop or computer.

Check to see if your site uses a content management software (CMS) to easily change your theme to a more mobile compliant version.

If you don’t have CMS, or if you aren’t very tech savvy, it’s a good idea to spend some of your improvement budget on a web developer who can help make your site mobile-friendly.

This step can make all of the difference in how broad of an audience your maid service can reach, and you could immediately start earning a bunch more cash.

7) Use a combination of online booking and estimating lead capture forms

When you utilize tools together like Online Booking and Lead Capture, you maximize your results.

They create a funnel, a process that directs cleaning client leads right to your maid service’s web page.

This can be used to create an email marketing campaign list for cross-promotions.

As if these 7 effective web strategies weren’t enough, let’s take a closer look at social media…

Growing your maid service with social media marketing strategies

Social media marketing (SMM) can increase your traffic online and therefore, your profitability.

Here are a few things you can do to optimize your cleaning business’ social media:

  1. Know your audience – Define your ideal cleaning client and gather a list of others in your field serving this group. SMM audits can then be used to assess a few competitor’s content and audience engagement, so you can improve your own.
  2. Establish your goals and vision – Once you know your audience, you can envision your SMM goals. Create specific content that relates directly to your clientele.
  3. Use analytics to measure goals – There are a number of platforms you can use to review the analytics for all of your social media. Calculate response rates for your posts so that you know what is working and what isn’t.
  4. Apply the 80/20 rule – This is a way of tracking how much you post about your industry vs your promotional ads. Basically, your content should be 80% industry related and 20% promotional.
  5. Plan out your posts – Have your content ready to go ahead of time. Know what you are going to post, and when you are going to post it. Being more organized about your posting will allow the audience to see the thoughtfulness and consistency that comes with working with your maid service.
  6. Audience engagement – Interact with your following and gain more followers. Find them useful and beneficial information so that they come back to you for more tips.
  7. Post relevant content – To keep an audience coming back to your site, offer them information and home cleaning care tips! They will enjoy reading about the knowledge that comes from the experience you have as a cleaning provider.
  8. Scheduling – Set up some automated posts. Automating your content will keep your audience engaged when you are working on other parts of your maid service. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others can be accessed and automated using Hootsuite to make your scheduling woes disappear.

There are a variety of content concepts that work great for maid services: Industry news, Company Product videos, How To videos, Answering common questions, and many more!

Play around with a few, several or all of these content ideas, social media strategies and effective web strategies to put your maid service’s website right on page 1 of Google.  

About the Presenter

Mark and his team at Eco York, LLC have developed over 10 custom software solutions.

These time-saving software problem-solvers include, Compass Wave, estimating software for residential cleaning companies and Ecoferral, an online directory for any type of business.

His company is also the creator of EDS, a collection of HPac software products such as home auditor software.

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