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Grow Your Maid Service With The Right Team

January 21, 2020 in Grow your Maid Service, Hiring

Last Updated on August 25, 2023 by The ZenMaid Team

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There are 3 aspects of the maid service business that you should be focusing on in order to ensure you continue to grow as a company:

  1. Harnessing an abundance mindset
  2. Developing helpful systems
  3. Generating a team that works with you as well as for you

In this article, we will focus on #3: generating a team that works with you as well as for you. Click the links #1 and #2 to get an expanded article on those points.

There is one thing to consider first: if you are only interested in making a paycheck, then these strategies may not be for you.

The techniques learned from skilled and successful maid service owners on expanding a cleaning business are not those of a selfish leader.

With your increased success, you can choose to make others’ lives better. After all, happiness loves company just as much – if not more – than misery does.

Figure out your cleaning company’s culture

Above everything else, most owners want to make their cleaners’ lives better.

They want to work hard to give the most they can and to represent the sort of cleaning business that someone would want to work with for a lifetime.

In order to become this sort of business, you need to be reliable and employee-centric.

Decide on the values that you share with your cleaners and cleaning clients.

Some owners may want to stay on the smaller side and focus on providing quality maid services in their local area, while others may want to cast a wider net.

Maid service owners interested in growth, however, will benefit from something of a middle ground here.

Whether you want to have green cleaning products, go fully plastic-free, or maybe you just want to focus on enjoyment in the workplace, this is part of your culture.

Create a company culture from these values, one you can refer to whenever a new challenge comes up in your home cleaning business.

By sticking with this flow you’ve developed with your whole cleaning crew, you show a line of consistency that cleaning clients will love to see.

Hire cleaners and cleaning office staff on your level

Let’s face it, no one really likes being graded, but the level system does make a lot of sense when it comes to rating your cleaners’ efforts.

When applying the ABCD grading system to cleaners and staff, if we are talking about an A player vs a C player, we all want A players on our team.

The thing is, a person could be an A player eventually, but maybe they are a C now. Or maybe they are an A player now, but over time they’ve relaxed into a C effort.

“With C players, either level them up or level them out” – Debbie Sardone.

Don’t just get rid of someone because they are slacking in the short-term though, everyone deserves a chance to improve.

Except, you don’t want to just let people stay on the C level.

If a cleaner or maid service office staff needs to upgrade, give them the opportunity.

However, if you find that someone is only able to give you a C level effort, then it is probably time to let them go.

The fact is, the idea of progressing to an A level cleaning company with C players on your team is so unlikely that it’s just about impossible.

Which would make sense right?

I mean, how would you make an A on a project if no one in your group makes an effort the assignment?

Exactly. You wouldn’t.

Or maybe you would, but you’ll be doing more than your share of the workload to ensure that outcome is favorable.

“You can make a lot of money with the wrong team, but again, you will pay for it with your quality of life” – Debbie Sardone

Represent the culture of your maid service to your cleaners, staff and clients

Once you develop the culture and figure out what kind of people you want to work with, lean into your strengths and show them off!

The culture of your maid serviceshould come out in all aspects of the business.

It should be represented in your style, in your crew and in every little thing that has your home cleaning company’s name on it.

The best cleaners should be wanting to work with you because of how great it is to be working with your maid service.

If you have quality, reliable cleaners, take care of them and be sure to let them know that they are valued.

For the owner, it shouldn’t just be about making money, it should be about making a difference in the lives of those who work for you and with you.

By developing a positive culture and surrounding yourself with the right team, you will show others that you are passionate about what you do and what you represent.

“This is how owners become mop-free millionaires” – Debbie Sardone

About the Presenter

Debbie Sardone is the owner of Buckets & Bows Maid Service as well as Speed Cleaning, a provider of green, professional cleaning products.

She is also known as The Maid Coach, by those that are fortunate enough to receive her consulting skills.

Obviously, Debbie as a lot of knowledge about the maid service industry, but what also makes her intriguing is her humanitarian efforts.

Debbie has provided more than 33,000 women with cancer home cleanings for free with the non-profit program, Cleaning For A Reason.

As a great and charitable business person, we thought sharing some of Debbie’s experiences may help lead other maid service owners towards their own growth goals.

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