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Grow Your Maid Service With The Right Mindset

Last Updated on August 25, 2023 by The ZenMaid Team

There is this tale of a way that things have to be. That you must work 100 hours a week, disregard your personal time, and generally work your life away.

Some call this the “Entrepreneurial Myth”: a fable told to good-intentioned dreamers that says ‘this is the only way to gain wealth’.

Today is your lucky day because, as it turns out, this is a full out lie.

You can enjoy time to yourself and have an efficient, happy workplace life all while growing as a person.

This might seem impossible with your current schedule, but I assure you, it can be done.

Burnout is a real thing. It can affect people from all walks of life and it can occur in just about any field.

When you start to feel like you have been all work and no play, this is the perfect time to see how things could work better.

It is possible to have a self-running business that brings you joy. It’s possible to go from the desire to quit, to loving what you do again.

What is the right mindset?

When we refer to this idea of the “right mindset” it is a matter of changing your perspective on certain elements of life to achieve more success.

Many struggle to have the right mindset around a couple key things: money and time.

There are two basic ways people are wired to think when it comes to these areas of life: an abundance mindset or a scarcity mindset.

An abundance mindset, can see the positives in what money can do to make your life easier, like investing in a product that can save you time.

scarcity mindset sees the what-ifs and negative outcomes in each decision.

This example can be made by considering the maid service owner who doesn’t delegate, and works overtime because they cannot relinquish any control over operations.

You have to learn when to let go.

“People who value knowledge are going to invest in knowledge and people who don’t value knowledge are going to invest in stuff.”         – Debbie Sardone

Rethink your mindset around money

As you well know, material things reduce in worth as soon as the transaction goes through.

Why is it then, that we focus so much on having ‘stuff’?

Frankly, this occurs because most of us still need to make big adjustments to our mindset around money.

We think that having a lot of things shows that we have achieved a lot, when really, knowledge is the surest way to success.

All too often however, some of the things we should spend money on – like an educational course or seminar – get put off.

Likely, because enhancing your skills doesn’t exactly provide the instant gratification of a physical purchase.

However, understanding that money can be used now to increase favorable outcomes later, can be a hard thing to wrap your head around in the moment.

The truth is, money comes and goes no matter what you do. This is a terrifying thought for most people, but we have to be willing to take a chance on ourselves.

Do you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck? Start taking steps to move away from this way of living today.

This can greatly affect your mindset surrounding money.

Changing the way you budget for your education and growth should be priority number one.

Rethink your mindset around time

We only have 24 hours in a day, and we only have the present for certain.

So, you have to decide what the value is for your time.

Don’t jump at every little nickel and dime thrown your way, this can leave you underpaid and still overrun with to-dos.

If you have ever disappointed your friends or family by missing an event because of work, you know the woes of being stretched too thin.

It doesn’t have to be this way though…

Consider this: if someone offers you money to skip your child’s graduation or to miss a wedding in the family, what would be an acceptable monetary value for that? Is there one?

Most people would say no, because they know we don’t get those moments back.

However, we do get to make the choice, and this is why it is so important to change your mindset on time.

With a shift in priorities, you too can learn how to spend a little to save yourself valuable time doing the things that bring you happiness.

There is truly no point in working yourself into the ground with no pleasure in it along the way. Take a break. Be happy.

For additional insight into the mind-shifts needed to create a seven figure, self-running maid service, take a look at the article about the 5 systems you should develop.

You can also learn about how the right team can make all of the difference in the success of your home cleaning business.

This article was created from valuable information Debbie Sardone shared in her talk at the 2019 Maid Summit.

– About the presenter –

Debbie Sardone is a powerhouse in the cleaning industry. She even has her own consulting firm where she is known as The Maid Coach.

Debbie is not just a coach though: she has several successful businesses in the maid service realm: Buckets & Bows Maid Service and Speed Cleaning, a line of professional green cleaning products.

It is not just about business for Debbie though. She has provided more than 33,000 women with cancer a free home cleaning through the non-profit program, Cleaning For A Reason.

She not only earns – she gives – which makes her a great person to learn from.

This talk first aired at the 2019 Maid Service Success Summit.

The Maid Summit is an annual online event that brings together the most successful leaders in the cleaning industry, like Debbie Sardone, Angela Brown, Courtney Wisely, Amy Caris, Chris Schwab and more. Get free access to masterclasses and workshops that will help you to grow, scale and automate your cleaning business so you can get more leads and create more profit. Make sure you’re on our email list to find out how to get free tickets to the next event.


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