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This article was based on a live talk given by Carlos Mejia at the 2019 Maid Summit, hosted and organized by ZenMaid.

Full replays of Carlos’s presentation, as well as over 40 other cleaning industry experts, can be seen now at

Carlos Mejia is the CEO and founder of Premier Maids, a Maid Service that he opened with a full team in 2016.

In just a few short years, Carlos’s home cleaning company has expanded from D.C. to Maryland and Virginia.

Carlos has based his residential cleaning business around a foundation of customer service, and he believes this to be his ticket to success. For this reason, we’ve decided to share with you Carlos’ methods of providing 5-star customer service.

Tip 1 – Be memorable to your cleaning client

Ideally, you want to impress a potential cleaning client so much that they remember you.

Typically, a cleaning client is not going to book with you on the first contact, so you need to stir them in such a way that you will come to mind the next time they need their home cleaned professionally.

Be polite, clean and communicative when interacting with others while representing your Maid Service, these few things together set you above the rest.

When discussing your schedule and what you offer, express these effectively and accurately.

If a cleaning client does not book right away, collect and keep their contact information in order to follow up with them.

If you’re too busy to follow-up, delegate to someone who can or automate your follow-ups in a program.

There are a couple of cool benefits of the follow-up:

  • You will stay in their minds
  • You can continue to reach out to the cleaning client regularly
  • They will know about the different things you’re offering
  • They have a recent contact to select on their device to find you easily again.

Tip 2 – Be sure your Maid Service is accessible

Create the best customer service and attract more cleaning clients to your Maid Service by being organized, having your schedule handled, and therefore being more accessible.  Use tools and applications that are available to home cleaning business owners in order to keep up with your calendar and communication.

Everyone likes to go with the companies that look fresh, knowledgeable and up to date with the latest technology. Maid Service scheduling software like Zenmaid can also help with follow-ups and if you didn’t already know…

“Having a good scheduler is key.” – Carlos Mejia

Good software will have you so organized and professional in appearance it will start to feel like you are a real adult with a real legit Maid Service. It takes care of all of the worries so that you can get to the creative parts of your business.

You can remain confident that there will be no no-shows and that your clients are getting updates as well as any feedback or surveys needed after scheduled appointments.

In fact, you can pretty much automate anything within your Maid Service in order to make it easier: sales, bookkeeping, payroll, managing, training, and just about everything else.

All of this automation ensures that you will be reached much easier and attract more cleaning clients to your Maid Service.

Tip 3 – Be approachable to all possible cleaning clients

One of the best ways to ensure that you attract clients to your home cleaning business is to engage them with your personality and have that show throughout the company.

Make sure your clients feel valued and cared for by paying attention to the little things like what they value or what their interests are. Write a handwritten thank-you note, send an email to thank them for their business or bring by dog or cat treats for their pets (just don’t forget to ask if the treats are ok first).

Set up your automation emails to send out reminders or details that you discussed together, you can also send birthday cards or email specials for cleaning client birthdays. You’ll be amazed at how for these little gestures can go.

Tip 4 – Be a leader and let your core values shine through

A great way to attract clients to your Maid Service is by making your Maid Service attractive.

Create an environment where your core values are represented throughout your home cleaning business and show through your cleaners individually.

Train staff on these values and create every piece of content or visual representation of your Maid Service with them in mind.

By showing what your home cleaning service represents, you allow both cleaning clients and cleaners to see who you are. Transparency and the ability to target those who you want to be working with your Maid Service is attractive to cleaning clients because it allows them to trust you.

Tip 5 – Be a part of your cleaning clients’ solution

Everyone loves a problem solver and we want to be able to resolve all the issues that our cleaning clients may have.

Imagine hearing about a cleaning company that not only did an amazing job cleaning a home, they were also able to help with other household issues.

Check into your network, find all the gardeners, electricians, contractors or other in-home workers that you can connect your clients with when they need something that you may not offer.

Knowing that you are essentially a one-stop-shop (or at least offer all the connects) is a great way to attract cleaning clients to your Maid Service.

If there is an issue that is due to your home cleaning business though, be clear with communication and don’t pass off complaints reported.

Develop and train on systems to deal with client complaints, broken items, mangled carpets, etc.

If you or one of your cleaners happens to break something, the options you offer to fix the problem should flow as easily for the cleaning client as possible.

When you create a solution and solve the problem, it actually builds trust, even if your company is the one at fault in the first place.

Continue to work on solutions and ways to better navigate issues that come along the way.

Your cleaning client now knows that you are the kind of Maid Service who is reliable because your relationship has been built with quality communication and accountability.

This article is based on a live talk by Carlos Mejia from the 2019 Maid Summit.

This incredible online convention for Maid Services was hosted and organized by ZenMaid.

You can watch the full presentation from Carlos here:

Check out replays of the full presentations given by Carlos and over 40 other cleaning industry experts at

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