Automate Your Maid Service With Proven Systems

This article was based on information from a talk by Sheri-Anne Woolley that happened live at the 2019 Maid Summit.

This online convention for Maid Services was hosted and organized by ZenMaid and included over 40 other cleaning industry experts.

Check out the full replays of presentations given by each speaker from this amazing event at

About the Presenter

A self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, Sheri-Anne Woolley has multiple businesses and systematic practices to teach.

One of these businesses is her green Maid Service, Mona Eco-Friendly Cleaning, which delivers to homes high-quality cleaning services that are safe and toxin-free.

Sheri-Anne is proficient in automation, marketing and messaging and her cleaning service business plan is on-point.

From the skills she developed, Sheri-Anne has built a multiple 6 figure award-winning company that allows her to have all of the freedom most entrepreneurs strive for.

While living her best life, Sheri-Anne’s cleaning service remains rated at a 4.7 on Google and there are over 200 reviews creating a 94% average rating on HomeStars and Home Advisors combined.

Sheri-Anne feels that her specialty is Maid Service automation so we thought we’d share with you some of her best advice on systems to improve your cleaning service’s business plan.

“Simplify your business model and create a sustainable business that runs itself” – Sheri-Anne Woolley

The truth is, your home cleaning company will survive without you as long as you have the proper Maid Service automation systems in place.

So, this is article is for:

  • Those wanting to make multiple 6-figures while living your fullest, happiest life
  • Cleaning business owners who manage teams of people
  • Those who want to live independently of their home cleaning company
  • Owners who struggle to create a scalable cleaning business without sacrificing personal time
  • Maid Service owners who aren’t satisfied with their current cleaning service business plan
  • Those ready to release the reins and give up doing it all

“The automated flow of your business (is what) you need in order for the business to run without you.” – Sheri-Anne Woolley

Your Maid Service systems mindset

To get started on the right foot, you have to think like an owner, not like an employee.

You are the person in charge of making sure that all operations of your home cleaning business are operating smoothly, but that doesn’t mean that you need to do every little thing.

Your staff should be trained on how to deal with the daily challenges of your Maid Service without you.

“Truly successful business owners create sale scale by creating systems that allows the business to run itself.” – Sheri-Anne Woolley

Try to let go of your ego, realize that the Maid Service you own can go on without you as long as you have the right cleaning service business plan and mindset.

Focus your systems on the cleaning client

Basically, client-centered service sells itself, so the focus of your business should be on the cleaning client.

When it comes to cleaning service business plans that are successful, one of the things they have in common is that they put the clients’ needs first.

This is how home cleaning companies remain client-focused, they improve on marketing and other systems in a way that serves the client best.

It also keeps each Maid Service business authentic, building trust with their clients by tapping into their desires.

In your mind, have a clear picture of where you want your clients to go with your company.

How will they benefit from using your home cleaning company over someone else’s?

You should know your cleaning clients deeply and be in tune with their needs, it will help you design your niche and warm them up to you before they even buy.

Targeting your cleaning clients allows you to have clarity in the offers you provide, giving cleaning clients a surety that you are there for them.

Use systems to track your money

When you start to pay attention to your money, you will begin to see it grow in a whole new way.

In order to properly monitor your money, you need to have spreadsheets and track where it goes in your cleaning service business plan.

This may not sound like the most fun thing in the world, but as your business grows it will become much more interesting to watch as the numbers rise.

Numbers can be intimidating but you won’t be able to truly know your business without them, and they will show you your quickest path to growth.

Plus, your numbers will never lie to you, after tracking your numbers you can see how money moves within your business.

This can and will lead to increased cash flow because it will be impossible to ignore the variables that can lead to better profitability.

“Boost your income and keep the cash flowing simply by understanding how to read your numbers, stop guessing about what works and build systems that make marketing easy, predictable, and automated,” – Sheri-Anne Woolley

Learning how to track your numbers in order to grow them can feel like you’ve discovered some kind of magic spell….but it’s just math.

“Tracking is the intel that tells you what’s happening in your business and how you can make changes, shift edit to improve or to save yourself from going over the edge” – Sheri-Anne Woolley

Make your Maid Service boring with automation

Get the mood out of your marketing, and by that, we mean to strive for it to be as chill as possible.

Track not only your numbers but what you market for your cleaning business.

Pay attention to what your efforts are yielding you and make decisions with the knowledge based on that.

Using this information, automate your Maid Service to a point that it almost feels boring.

Things happen automatically and there will be no need for the drama llama to show up and make you feel bad about what you’re getting accomplished.

Create a world where your life is easy and free of guilt due to a lack of problems, by implementing the systems you need in your cleaning service business plan.

Be consistent about the systems that are in this business plan so that you have the freedom to be more creative.

Systems create success and happiness is a frequent visitor to those with more freedom for it.

Who will change the systems?


Employees can complain and not change anything, but that’s not you.

As the owner, with an owner’s mindset, you are the one who can change things for the better.

If there are issues within your home cleaning company, you are the one who should resolve them and update your cleaning service business plan.

“Sometimes we have stories that we tell ourselves that hold us back from doing what we need to do.” – Sheri-Anne Woolley

Forget the negative stories and enjoy the ride.

This article was based on information in a talk by Sheri-Anne Woolley that happened live at the 2019 Maid Summit, hosted and organized by ZenMaid.

Check out replays of talks from Sheri-Anne and over 40 other cleaning industry experts at

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