How To Hire Cleaners For Your Maid Service in 6 Easy Steps

March 19, 2020 in Hiring & Training

The following article was created based on the information given a talk by Pam Washington live at the 2019 Maid Summit, hosted and organized by ZenMaid.

Full replays of talks from Pam and over 40 other cleaning industry experts can be found at

In 2011, Pam Washington opened a coaching business to help other Maid Service owners called Build My Cleaning Business.

Pam decided to open this business because she has been a home cleaning business owner for 26 years and is still finding new ways to enjoy her career.

Currently, Pam has mainly been working remotely due to the freedom she now has from her home cleaning business and with her coaching business.

Pam’s goal is to teach Maid Service owners like you to scale and enjoy their company again by focusing on the systems used when hiring quality cleaners for your home cleaning business.

Before you hire for your Maid Service:

  • Decide on your core values and what you want the focus of your residential cleaning business to be whether it’s delivering the highest quality or safety and security. When creating your core values, have 4 or less that will attract people to your home cleaning company. Try and focus on what you can do for cleaning clients and cleaners.
  • Hire for character and train for skill. You should be training cleaners no matter how much experience they come with to convey consistency within your home cleaning business, so hire based on their personality type. You want to hire people for your Maid Service that have the desire to grow with you.
  • Post your ads everywhere. You should use all possible sites to get your home cleaning company out there. Use Facebook, Craigslist, ads, job fairs, charities, community groups, you can even post on your car! Wrap your car with an “always hiring” message so that as you are getting out into the community, others can see that you are continuously looking to hire for your Maid Service.
  • Create a separate email specifically for the hiring process to better organize the influx of emails through your inbox. This is such a simple easy way to keep your Maid Services hiring more manageable.
  • Choose to hire via online job application or by hosting a job fair. Then follow the 6 steps below to see how to hire quality cleaners for your Maid Service.

Step 1: Pre-screen your cleaning applicants

If you decide to go with online job applications, post that you’re hiring for your Maid Service on the web and tell people to respond through that method.

Sift through cleaners’ applications and decide who will be invited to the initial interview.

For the job fair, provide a day, time and location in an auto response email to anyone enquiring about the position, then simply show up to meet all of your potential cleaners.

You will likely need a 3-hour window to be available, so choose a time that is good for you and bring your laptop, read a book, download a podcast, whatever helps pass the time in case only a few people show.

Step 2: Set up the initial interview for cleaning applicants

Use text or a scheduling app like Calendy to organize your online application interviews when hiring for your cleaning business.

For a job fair cleaner roundup, see about renting a room or space to hold the in-person application process.

Provide a sign-in sheetand have applications for people to fill out. If the applicants showed up clean and prepared for the meeting, thank them for filling out the application then inform them that you will make calls the following week.

Step 3: Invite cleaners you want to hire to follow up

At this point, whether you do online applications or a job fair interview, follow the next steps.

After thinking over each cleaner applicant, contact those who you want to invite to the next stage.

The potential cleaners eligible for hire at your Maid Service should have:

  • Bare minimum requirements
  • A good background check
  • Appear stable
  • Availability and hours that fit with what you need

When you do call them, find out what their salary expectations are and how the job fits in with their future.

Ask questions that will allow you to get people’s motivations when they start to work with you.

Use transparency and inform them of what the position is to weed people out by providing full disclosure.

Be honest with them and explain that they will be cleaning toilets or that you might only have a specific schedule opening. Be up front with them so that there are no surprises for them if they are hired.

Prepare a script of the things you’ll coverso that you don’t forget anything and take notes so that you can remember the specifics from the interviews later.

When you tell prospective cleaners how to proceed to the next steps, ask them to think really think about the position and everything it could entail. They need to be committed to all aspects of the role before signing on.

If they still want to proceed, tell them to contact you during a specific window of time. Choose a specific time slot and day, and let them know if they would like to proceed to the next stage, they must contact you during this time and this time only.

This will give you some insight into their personal organization and see how they respond to directions.

If they do not call back to schedule then you don’t have to bother with the paperwork and everything else involved with hiring for your Maid Service.

For the applicants that do contact you, give them the exact time and address for their one-on-one interview in a text or an email.

Step 4: Individually interview cleaners for your Maid Service

Sit down face to face with your potential employees in a personal interview and find out about their history.

Ask cleaner applicants about their experience with customer service, critical thinking skills, their ability to prioritize and how they make informed decisions.

Give them example situations like “tell me about a time when a cleaning client was disappointed in the service” or “have you ever had a disagreement with a supervisor?”.

This is to find out how they have navigated challenging situations in their previous jobs and how they employ problem solving tactics.

Step 5: Invite the cleaning applicants that you want to hire to follow up

At this stage, if you like their application and what they’ve demonstrated during the application process, then introduce another opt-out.

Tell them you like their application and they had a good interview. Let the applicant know that you have more people to interview but will be making some decisions this week.

Ask them to go home and think about everything that was discussed, to sleep on it and if they still want to join the team, to call you tomorrow between a set window of time (just as you did for Step 3).

Step 6: Apply a score and rank your cleaning applicants

Remembering every candidate you interviewed can be complicated, so in order to remember who you liked most, apply a score to each cleaning applicant during the interview process.

Go back and add up all the scores to rank potential cleaners to decide who is best for your company at this time and then make your offers.

Use this process to create a repeatable, simple system that works best and allows you to hire quality cleaners for your cleaning business.

The article above was based on a talk given by Pam Washington that happened live at the 2019 Maid Summit.

Watch the full presentation from Pam now:

This event was created specifically for Maid Services was hosted and organized by ZenMaid.

Check out full replays of talks given by Pam and over 40 other cleaning industry experts at

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About the author: Amar is the founder and CEO of ZenMaid Software, Inc ( He previously started and ran Fast Friendly Spotless, a maid service in Orange County, CA. With the help of customized software to automate work he successfully operated the service in under 30 minutes per day. His goal with the maid service software at ZenMaid is to help other maid service owners do the same.

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