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3 Ways To Get More Cleaning Customers Without Lowering Your Prices

This article is based on a presentation given by Carrie Knight at the 2020 Maid Summit. Carrie is the founder of The Cleaning Boss and is on a mission to help other maid service owners grow their businesses to 7-figures and beyond. In this presentation, she shares the secret strategies she used to develop a 7-figure cleaning business, and how she’s inspiring other maid services to follow in her footsteps. 

3 Ways To Get More Cleaning Customers Without Lowering Your Prices 

Did you know that out of 30.2 million small businesses operating in the United States today, only about 40% are profitable? The majority of small businesses are either losing money or just breaking even. 

When starting your maid service business, it’s very likely that in the beginning, you stuck with what you knew: cleaning houses. The business aspect of your maid service might have taken a backseat until you found your bearings, retained a few customers, and made your first hire. 

But at some point in every business’s lifetime, you start to wonder if you’re doing things the right way. It can be a challenge even to know what you’re doing wrong if no one’s ever told you there’s a better way to do things. 

If you find that your business is stuck in a cycle of breaking even or losing money, the only real way to get out of that cycle is to change how you are operating and positioning your business to customers. 

This post will outline the three strategies that you can implement right now to make your maid service more profitable without ever having to lower your prices or sell your services at a discount. 

Stop competing on price  

It’s common to believe that reducing prices or giving discounts or coupons will get new customers through the door. Coupons work well for high margin businesses that can afford to give massive discounts and still turn a profit. Maid services are primarily low margin businesses meaning you need to be very careful if the primary way you gain new customers is by lowering your prices.

Competing solely on price is positioning your business as a commodity. When you’re a commodity business, you operate under the assumption that the lowest price business wins. This means that even the second cheapest option is still losing. This model will force you to continually lower your prices to compete, which will result in a loss of profits and an inability to grow and scale your business.  

Here are just a few reasons why discounts are not an effective long-term strategy for your business. 

Discounts not only devalue your service but they set an expectation that you will continue to give discounts. These discounts will also affect other areas of your business. If you are not making enough profit, then you have to pay employees less, which can lead to hiring less skilled employees and result in more turnover for your cleaning business. 

The only way to grow your cleaning business is to stop competing on price and start competing on value. The best way to add value is to solve a common problem your customers face. This brings us to our next strategy.

Aim To Solve a Problem 

Instead of creating discounts that devalue your services, you should strive to solve common problems that will make your customers’ lives easier. When you can identify a key pain point and provide a solution to that problem, you’re more likely to retain repeat customers. 

When identifying a problem to solve, think about how you can sell your customer an experience, rather than a product or service. Instead of thinking about what you can do for your customers, think about how your customers will feel when you solve the problem and how the solution will positively impact their lives. 

For example, at first glimpse, it might seem like your solution as a maid service is to provide them with a clean house. But if you take a step back and think bigger, the problem isn’t a dirty house. The problem is that they don’t have the time to clean it. 

Rather than sell the idea of a clean house, you are selling the idea of your customers having more time to do the things they love. Instead of spending time cleaning their homes, they can hire you, which enables them to spend more time with their family, friends, and other passions. 

When they choose your maid service, they’re not buying a clean house. They’re signing up for a more joyful and stress-free life in which they never have to spend their time cleaning. Once you’ve identified the main problem you are solving, it’s time to create an offer that customers can’t refuse. 

Create an Irresistible Offer 

Rather than just setting a price, think about how you can reframe your services as an irresistible offer. The price is how much your customers will pay for your core service. Your offer is that core service, PLUS extra bonuses that add value and create a better experience for your customers. 

When building out an offer, start by listing out all of the things that your cleaners do that add value to the service you provide. It helps to have an itemized list of everything covered in your services to better outline the real value your customers are receiving. 

Showing your customers everything they are getting will also increase the value of your service. So rather than competing based solely on price, you are pitching your customers a high-value service. 

Positioning your services as a bundled offer can also help emphasize the true value you’re bringing to your customers. Instead of pitching your service as general house cleaning, create a bundle of services that you include in this offer. This bundle can consist of your general house cleaning services, plus a few valuable extras such as: 

  • Window cleaning
  • Floor cleaning and polish 
  • Kitchen sanitization 
  • Grout cleaning 
  • Linen changing 
  • Laundry folding

When you create an offer that adds value to their life, customers view your services as being more valuable and won’t have an issue paying more. 

With every good offer, you need a solid sales script. Your sales script is designed to build trust with your customers, help them see the value you will bring, and highlight the pain points you will help them solve. Here is how you can lay out your sales script: 

  • State the most common pain point your customer is facing (ex. They don’t have enough time to keep their home clean)
  • Offer them a solution (ex. your bi-weekly cleaning service) 
  • Sell them the goal (ex. How your solution will help free up their time to do more things they love) 
  • Make them an offer (ex. The irresistible offer you create that adds tons of value)

When running your maid service, it’s easy to stick with what you know, especially if things seem to be going well in your business. But if you notice that your profits aren’t growing or you’re continuing to lose money, you need to implement the right strategies to be more profitable. 

For even more money-making strategies, and to learn how to join Carrie’s 5-Day Cleaning Boss Marketing Challenge, check out her full presentation from the 2020 Maid Summit. 

This Maid Summit, hosted by ZenMaid, includes over 40 talks from maid service owners and industry experts designed to help cleaning businesses grow. Check out full replays of these talks at 

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About the author: Amar is the founder and CEO of ZenMaid Software, Inc ( He previously started and ran Fast Friendly Spotless, a maid service in Orange County, CA. With the help of customized software to automate work he successfully operated the service in under 30 minutes per day. His goal with the maid service software at ZenMaid is to help other maid service owners do the same.

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