8 Hiring Phases for Cleaning Maid Services

This article is based on the presentation by Liz Trotter from the 2019 Maid Summit.

This incredible event was created, hosted and organized by ZenMaid specifically for Maid Service owners like you.

Check out replays of full presentations from Liz and over 40 other cleaning industry experts at

Liz Trotter is the founder and CEO of American Maid Cleaning LLC, a cleaning business that focuses on individualized cleaning for clients.

She has been growing her home cleaning business for the last 25 years by implementing systems that allow her to improve operations each day.

Liz has just 10% turnover for employees and 3% for cleaning clients because she puts so much focus on the everyday work that goes behind hiring, training, quality control, motivating and promotion into leadership roles.

Her dedication as well as her thoughtful understanding for the process of hiring and motivating cleaners for Maid Services, makes Liz an excellent person to learn from when it comes to keeping good cleaners on your team.

Why should I improve my cleaning business’s hiring system?

If you show cleaners and cleaning office staff that they affect the business, that they matter and that their job has meaning, they will stick with you longer.

This allows you to avoid constant interviews, wasted time and paperwork.

There will always be some turnover of cleaners, cleaning office staff and cleaning clients, but it shouldn’t be happening every 2 weeks.

The average amount of time that people spend in one position is about 2 – 3 years and since the home cleaning business has a high turnover rate, it makes hiring for your Maid Service all the more important.

How do I prevent employee turnover?

In order to keep quality cleaners working for your Maid Service, you need to provide a reason for them to stay with your cleaning company and it should be powerful.

You need to show them they’re important and how they personally fit into your company’s ecosystem. If they don’t feel like they matter and that they’re important, they’re not going to stay.

Helping employees see the bigger picture when they first get hired at your Maid Service shows them how their role impacts and provides meaning to the company.

Set expectations clearly, motivate your cleaners, and reward their accomplishments throughout their journey working with you.

Hold up accountability, provide feedback, and evaluate effectiveness, so that cleaners know what results they are getting as well as how to improve.

Additionally, one of the most important things you can do is celebrate accomplishments with cleaners and cleaning office staff.

By celebrating milestones and wins with your staff, it shows them that you care about them individually and you acknowledge the value they bring to the company.

Keep your employees in mind throughout all phases of your working relationships and create an environment that promotes positive rapport which translates into lower turnover of quality staff.

Phase 1: Assessing the cleaning position

In the initial phase of your relationship, the cleaner is far from being invested with your home cleaning company.

This is the stage were they are assessing you as well as other jobs to see what will work best for them and what company will appreciate their work the most.

When you are creating your ads for positions you are hiring for at your Maid Service, use video or pictures of employees and talk about what is in it for them to show that their needs are important to your domestic cleaning company.

Cleaners will be looking for meaning in their job as well so, in interviews, be sure to highlight your core values to be sure you are a good fit together.

Phase 2: Accepting a cleaner job

In this phase, potential cleaners will want to feel that there is some meaning in this job, so show excitement.

Take a picture of them during their interview if you believe that they are a good candidate and post it on Facebook or in the office so that they know you are excited to hire them for your Maid Service.

After a good interview, take them around and introduce them to everyone so that they feel they are being properly welcomed into your home cleaning company.

Phase 3: The new cleaner affirms their commitment

After concluding that this is a job they want, in this phase the cleaner actually affirms this by showing up for the job.

The day before they arrive, you should show your own enthusiasm for their arrival by sending a fun email, text or welcome card with details about their day ahead.

Post on Facebook or send a video with everyone in it welcoming them to your cleaning company.

Phase 4: When a potential cleaner activates as an employee

At this stage they are in day one, you’ve hired them for your Maid Service and they’ve shown up.

From the start, it’s important to show them that they matter, their position is important and that their progress is being measured.

Give the cleaner their labeled nametag and post a picture of them on social media in their full uniform to boast about their arrival.

Introduce them to everyone and perhaps have a mini morning celebration of them joining the team by getting your cleaner a coffee or pastry to start their day.

Motivate your new cleaner by nurturing them from the very beginning with training right away to make sure they feel ready for the days ahead.

Phase 5: Your cleaner starts to acclimate to your cleaning business

In this phase of your working relationship with your hired cleaner, they are starting to figure out where they belong.

Continue to develop rapport by assigning a buddy to assist them with getting used to the position and check in by text at least once in the day.

Have them send you a picture from a home to see how they are doing, and whatever you do, don’t leave them alone.

Your cleaner should feel that they have your support and guidance through the entire training process.

Think about buying them lunch, or offer a snack and a water bottle so that they have everything they feel like they are being welcomed.

Phase 6: Cleaners start to get a sense of accomplishment

At this point, cleaners are getting to where they are starting to see rewards for the efforts they are putting in.

Perhaps they have already had a payday or other reward and they are seeing the fruits of their hard work.

In order to be sure your cleaner feels comfortable with how things are done at your Maid Service, sit them down and talk with them about their pay.

After your discussion, send a clarifying email so that you can be sure you are on the same page and congratulate them for their success.

Phase 7: Your cleaner finally wants to adopt your Maid Service

This is where your new cleaners ‘get it’. They are finding meaning in their work.

They are starting to use words like “we” and “us” when talking about your home cleaning business because they are feeling like they are a part of your company.

In this phase, you can motivate your cleaners by putting them on your website and inviting them to company events.

Provide incentives for good work at your Maid Service by posting how well they are doing in your business on social media.

Help them to feel more included by asking for their feedback. Make sure you take this feedback on board and don’t just pay it lip service.

Phase 8: The cleaner becomes the advocate

Finally, this is when your cleaners become the strong advocates that you originally set out to hire for your Maid Service.

In this phase, it is important to make sure that they feel empowered and are motivated by your cleaning company.

Provide business cards, invite opportunities for promotion, and offer gifts for cleaners advocating for your residential cleaning business.

Use their picture in marketing materials and give deserving cleaners more responsibility in order to continue to motivate them into becoming part of your Maid Service’s family.

This article is based on a talk given in a live talk by Liz Trotter at the 2019 Maid Summit.

You can watch the full talk from Liz now:

The presentation originally aired at the 2019 online Maid Summit which was hosted and organized by ZenMaid.

View the full replays of talks from Liz and over 40 other cleaning industry experts at

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