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Avoid Common Pitfalls & Headaches

Many owners think their biggest challenge will be finding or landing high-value clients. I'd argue it's actually staffing. It's incredibly undervalued in our community, which means there's not a lot of support out there on this topic. 

I wrote this book because I've been where you are: starting a new business from scratch and
struggling to keep all the plates spinning while wearing all the different hats and trying to put out all of the inevitable fires that pop up in a new business. 

One thing I realized along the way was that
good hiring practices can make or break a cleaning service. After working with over 5,000 maid service owners, and considering my own experience, this book shares what I would do if I started a new cleaning business today.

There are plenty of different stats out there on what a "bad hire" costs, but one thing is for sure:
your reputation is priceless. That's why mediocre employees just won't cut it if you want to grow, scale, and succeed. 

The Ultimate Guide To Hiring Amazing Cleaners provides you with a clear roadmap, best practices, and solutions that will empower you to build a staff that will help you achieve a thriving business from day one.

Whether you're planning on starting small or going big, this book will teach you how to
leverage technology and automate your hiring and onboarding processes to ensure you're as efficient as possible. I also share case studies and examples to illustrate the principals at play. 

If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and get busy building your business, this is the book you need!

Amar Ghose CEO & Co-Founder, ZenMaid

Written by Amar Ghose

CEO & Founder of ZenMaid

This book shares all of the hiring knowledge, up-to-date industry insights, and strategies compiled in decades of collective industry experience. 

Get instant access to this downloadable ebook and start hiring rockstar employees that will drive your business forward.

If you use the information in this eBook to avoid just ONE bad hire, it will have paid for itself 10 times over!

Complete eBook: Ultimate Guide to Hiring Amazing Cleaners

Chapter 01: Building A Successful Maid Service
Chapter 02: Who To Hire And What To Look For
Chapter 03: The Retention Problem
Chapter 04: Planning And Recruiting
Chapter 05: How To Write The Perfect Job Ad
Chapter 06: Filtering Candidates To Interview
Chapter 07: The Interview Process
Chapter 08: The Interviewee to Team Member Pipeline

Bonus Chapter #1: The Onboarding Process
Bonus Chapter #2: Importance of Training

Case Study: How A Task Juggling Single Mother Transformed Into A Tech-Savvy Grandmapreneur



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