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3 Maid Service Employee Incentives You Can Implement TODAY to Keep your Staff Happy and Productive

January 23, 2020 in Training

Learn about 3 Maid Service Employee Incentives You Can Implement TODAY to Keep your Staff Happy and Productive, and coming back.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your staff members are working a little slow?

Perhaps they seem a little disgruntled or dragging and that’s when you notice that the quality of their work has dropped off.

And that is never good for business.

Your cleaners may need some sort of incentive to work towards! Giving them a goal or target to meet whereby they will be rewarded for their great efforts and your business will run as smoothly as the polished floors that your employees clean!

Today I want to talk about 3 examples of common employee incentives that our cleaning business software doesn’t directly help you with. In a future article I’ll talk about some that are less often discussed.

Employee Of The Month:

Employee of the month is quite literal- every month an employee is chosen by the head of the company. This title reflects the employee’s work standards, punctuality, efficiency and exemplary service towards your customers and other members of your team.

The chosen employee is then rewarded by being given the title for that month which they can then put on their resume in the future as well as a potential bonus. This could be a monetary bonus, a gift voucher or even a paid day off! It really is up to your discretion! The employee of the month is the most popular method because it is a recurring event that happens every month which keeps staff motivated all year round!

Be careful not to play favorites with this and distribute the award (not necessarily evenly but it can’t go to the same person every month) or other employees will feel unappreciated. Giving this award to teams is another good idea to implement.

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Holiday Bonus:

Holiday bonuses are another popular method used by the best cleaning businesses. It is a once a year bonus for employees that is chosen around Christmas time. (Don’t worry if your staff aren’t Christian or Catholic and don’t celebrate the holiday, it’s simply a time of year that is easy to set as a date to award the incentive!)

A holiday bonus may be given to one, or all of your staff members but may vary with each staff member. For example, if you award a small cash bonus to all of your staff you may give a ‘base amount’ to some staff members and then perhaps a little more to employees who have really excelled and exceeded expectations within the company.

This method works well because it ensures staff members have a target goal to work towards at the end of the year, meaning their work load cannot drop off at any stage!

If you do give varying amounts to your employees you’ll want to be transparent that the amounts are different (otherwise there will be tension if they find out from one another that someone got more). Whether you share what the actual amounts are is completely up to you.

Staff Functions:

Staff functions serve as a fantastic incentive for employees because they are a chance for everyone to let their hair down and connect on a more personal level. Some examples of a staff function could be a bowling night, a staff dinner at a restaurant, a sporting event.

Whatever the function, it really shows your employees that you value them and that if they continue to work well for the company they will be rewarded with a fun event!

Your employees are more likely to stay with you when they feel strongly about the team they work with and that they go in and get to see their friends each and every day. Not enough maid services do this.

The same way not enough cleaning business owners use programs designed specifically as a maid service software.

So what have we learned?

Hopefully by now you have a couple of ideas for employee incentives you can implement within your own Maid Service business. The main thing to remember is that each of us wants to feel valued.

By giving your staff goals and targets to work towards with proven rewards you are showing employees that their hard work and loyalty is reciprocal with appreciation in the form of employee incentives.

Whichever method you choose for your business get out there and set some incentives in place and watch your productivity soar and your cash-flow increase!

Question for you: what incentives did you already have in place or which ones are you going to implement after reading this?

You and your Maid Service deserve a little peace and quiet. Sign up for your free trial today at and discover the freedom and clarity that ZenMaid can bring to your Maid Service!

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About the author: Amar is the founder and CEO of ZenMaid Software, Inc ( He previously started and ran Fast Friendly Spotless, a maid service in Orange County, CA. With the help of customized software to automate work he successfully operated the service in under 30 minutes per day. His goal with the maid service software at ZenMaid is to help other maid service owners do the same.

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