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Meet Our Customer Success Team

Michelle Allegrezza - Maid Service Owner + Customer Success

Michelle runs her maid service Sparkling Homes Cleaning. When she’s not helping ZenMaid customers, you can find her working on her event EMT business or shipping out her subscription box for cancer patients.

(Baxter not included - we couldn't afford his rates!)

Maria Dorian - Maid Service Owner + Customer Success

Maria ran her maid service in Austin, Texas for 14 years before selling it at an $840 run rate with over 35 cleaning techs. 

She now helps 100+ maid service owners run their business through her virtual assistant agency.  She also started a second maid service in Florida.

When she’s not helping ZenMaid customers, she is busy being a mother to four kids, and painting rocks. Yes, she paints rocks!

Lara Gonzalez - Maid Service Expert + Customer Success

Lara is a resident tech wiz. She has helped hundreds of maid biz owners around the globe get the most out of ZenMaid for their business.

When she’s not helping ZenMaid customers, she is researching a new recipe to cook or ordering from a hot new restaurant in Austin. “Life is food”

Victoria Laya Andueza - Head of Sales + Customer Success

Vicky is our Head of Sales, and she has helped tons of Maid service owners discover how to automate and put efficient systems in place for their businesses.

When she's not helping ZenMaid customers, she's playing with her dogs or enjoying a good yoga session.

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