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The Ultimate Hiring Panel for Maid Services [video]

January 23, 2020 in Grow your Maid Service, Hiring, Start Here

Everything you need to know about successful cleaning business hiring.

We’ve put together the ultimate maid service hiring panel.

In this video, Debbie Sardone, Pam Washington and Elena Ledoux join ZenMaid CEO, Amar Ghose to discuss how to find, hire and train awesome employees for your cleaning business.

Hiring is one of the major struggles that all maid service owners will encounter at some point. And what’s more – it’s a sign of growth!

So take a moment to pat yourself on the back for getting to a point where you have to even worry about hiring. Good for you!!

Every successful maid service – with ZERO exceptions – has to master its hiring process in order to succeed.

Without reliable cleaners, you’re stuck cleaning homes by yourself!

You’ll need the right systems and processes in place to find, train and keep amazing employees.

You don’t want to miss the advice and practical tips from these rockstar business women. They can tell you exactly what to look out for when hiring all-star employees for your cleaning business.

  • How do you get the right kind of applicants in the first place?
  • How can you effectively screen candidates?
  • What is the best way to set up the interview process?
  • What are the best sites to list job ads on?
  • Should you hire newbies or just experienced cleaners?
  • How can you run professional-feeling interviews if you don’t have an office?

You’ll find detailed answers to all these questions and more in the video.

Realising that just because you hired somebody today does not mean you’ve solved your problem.

Debbie Sardone

If you enjoyed this video, don’t stop there. We have trainings from all of the top industry experts in hiring and training for your maid service.

Check out the blog for all the resources.

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About the author: Amar is the founder and CEO of ZenMaid Software, Inc ( He previously started and ran Fast Friendly Spotless, a maid service in Orange County, CA. With the help of customized software to automate work he successfully operated the service in under 30 minutes per day. His goal with the maid service software at ZenMaid is to help other maid service owners do the same.

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