How To Manage Online Reviews for Your Maid Service

The following article was based on a presentation by Griffin Smith from the 2019 Maid Summit, hosted and organized by ZenMaid.

Take a look at the full replays of the talk from Griffin as well as the talks from over 40 other cleaning industry experts at

Griffin Smith is the co-founder of Review Spreader, a software that helps business owners get more online reviews and feedback.

After manually running review campaigns for his marketing agency, a client asked if there was a faster way of generating the online reviews. Not being able to find a great solution for his client through existing tools, Griffin decided to build the software himself. 

In 2016 Review Spreader was born to help his clients get feedback and reviews for their business, quickly and easily.

Griffin has helped companies across the United States with marketing, operations, sales, customer service, and has been working in digital marketing for over a decade. 

In today’s online world consumers use social proof as the deciding factor before purchasing goods and services.

If you run a business today, online reviews are no longer optional, they are imperative to remain competitive in today’s business climate. 

Managing and requesting online reviews for your business should be a key component of your marketing strategy. You must be proactive and diligent with gathering and responding to feedback from cleaning customers.

In this article, we take the key points from Griffin’s Maid Summit presentation to help you become more proactive in requesting reviews, explain why requesting feedback needs to be part of your marketing plan and what to do if (when!) you get a negative review.

Why online reviews need to be part of your marketing strategy

Online reviews are one of the easiest ways to promote brand awareness online without having to deep dive into SEO, keywords or Google ads.

Simply put, online reviews are an easy way to get a jump on Google search and ultimately boost your brand awareness across the internet. 

Before they will open their wallets or their doors to you, potential cleaning clients want social proof that you are a quality, customer-driven company that can be trusted to deliver the service you advertise. 

You would be remiss to not have a proactive approach to requesting and monitoring online reviews for your cleaning business. 

If you’ve never formally requested reviews from your current clients, or haven’t been consistent in your approach, here is a sample email template you can use to start requesting reviews from your existing cleaning clients this week.

You can get this email and more free follow-up emails for customer reviews at:

Bad reviews can actually be good for your Maid Service

Bad reviews can actually be a good thing for your cleaning company.

The key is learning how to manage bad reviews to show potential cleaning clients shopping around how you handle criticism and feedback.

Responses to negative reviews show cleaning clients how you handle issues when they come up, so bad reviews actually give you the opportunity to show others your professionalism. 

A home cleaning company that does not receive negative comments may not seem realistic or transparent and is often suspected to have fake reviews

We know nothing in this world is perfect, so don’t delete or fear the negative feedback, embrace it.

You don’t need a perfect review score to get new cleaning clients.

If your overall score drops below 4.0, then it might be time to review your services and why customers do not seem at least 90% satisfied. 

How to respond to bad reviews

Here’s the golden rule when responding to negative reviews: “kill them with kindness”. 

When managing your bad reviews online it is important to be professional and polite.

Remember, it’s online, so others will see your response and are more likely to judge you based on how you respond, rather than an angry client’s comments.

Think of it this way, negative feedback is a chance for you to review your services and find ways to improve. If you never received any negative comments, how would you know if there was an opportunity to better serve your cleaning customers?

As you’ve read, having online reviews for your cleaning business is crucial for growth.

So ask your cleaning customers if it’s okay to send them a satisfaction survey. 

More often than not, customers are willing to help and leave your business a review, sometimes have to hold their hands and guide them through the process. 

If you are not yet ready to use software or an automation process to request and gather reviews from your cleaning customers, then start with sending an email after cleans to follow up with clients to ask them for feedback. 

Do not fear a bad review.

You will get bad reviews from time to time, so use this moment to demonstrate your professionalism to potential clients and to audit your customer service for opportunities to improve. 

This article is based on a live talk from Griffin Smith from the 2019 Maid Summit, hosted and organized by ZenMaid. 

You can watch the full presentation now:

Check out replays of presentations from Griffin and over 40 other cleaning industry experts at 

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