4 Steps to Emotion-Based Marketing for your Maid Service

March 19, 2020 in Marketing, Sales & Marketing

This article was based on a live talk by Tim Croll at the 2019 Maid Summit, hosted and organized by ZenMaid.

Take a look at full replays of the presentations from Tim and over 40 other cleaning industry experts at

About the Presenter

Tim Croll is a life-long entrepreneur and Business Adventurist who has spent his live developing his sales and marketing skills.

Tim discovered his love of selling when he started his first business venture at the age of 11 selling vines from the local woods to his neighbors! Later in his professional career in the home service industry, he discovered the art of emotional selling and how using it increased his sales exponetially.

Tim offers free informational videos on YouTube that offer even more advice on how to grow your cleaning business and increase your revenue. 

Tim has worked in corporate companies and started his own ecommerce company which he took from $10,000 a month to $10 million a month. He has learned a lot and perfected the art of selling and he shared everything he learned during his Maid Summit presentation.

In this article based on Tim’s talk, you will learn:

  • How to create an Emotional Sales Funnel (ESF) for your Maid Service
  • How emotional selling will increase your sales
  • How to develop a genuine connection with your cleaning clients
  • How to develop raving fans of your home cleaning business

What is an Emotional Sales Funnel and how does it help grow my Maid Service?

An Emotional Sales Funnel (ESF) is the act of attaching an emotional connection to your product or service. 

The key is to find out what your cleaning clients care about, what their pain points are and then providing the service that will answer both.

Using this information you can target your ideal clients who will be drawn to you and the solution you provide, weeding out other clients that are not who you want to serve.

The 4 steps look like this:

  1. Establish a relationship with your cleaning client based on a commonality.
  2. Establish you/your Maid Service as the trusted expert. 
  3. Focus on what makes your cleaning business different.
  4. Understand the emotional and logical value your cleaning service fulfils.

By following these steps you can increase your sales and guarantee you have a constant rotation ideal cleaning clients coming to your Maid Service. 

Let’s look at each step in more detail. 

Step 1: Establish a relationship with your cleaning client based on a commonality

The first thing you need to do when building a relationship is to establish a commonality between you and your cleaning client.

When you are in a potential client’s home looking around, what can you see that you can start a conversation about? Create a connection with them by starting with something that you have in common.

You might notice their family photos or a football jersey for the same team you cheer for, use these clues to start up a conversation and begin to bond with your cleaning client.

If you can share a laugh or get your cleaning client to share a personal story, you’ve succeeded in the first part of this step.

Step 2: Establish your Maid Service as the trusted expert 

Next, establish yourself as an expert in the cleaning field. The fact that you’re running your business and have helped other similar cleaning clients , makes you an expert. 

Be sure to maintain authenticity at this stage. Don’t pretend to know about something or care about something that they do in order to bond with your client. You will be found out very quickly! 

Once you’ve broken trust, it will be very difficult, if not impossible to gain it back. 

If it’s your team that is speaking with the client and not you, and they don’t consider themselves the expert, then they must communicate although they aren’t the expert, they work for the expert (you) and by extension can help the client with the same expert knowledge. 

Step 3: Focus on what makes your cleaning business different

Be really clear on the features and benefits that you provide with your cleaning service. What are they and how are they different from other Maid Services in your area?

It’s a good idea to make sure that you are able to easily and succinctly verbalize how your cleaning services are different to the competition. Be sure that your team can also easily explain these unique selling points when they are in clients’ homes.

If you are stuck on what exactly this should sound like for your cleaning company, think about your ideal client.

What do they complain about? What is their biggest issue? How exactly do they talk about it? Use their words and phrases when communicating with potential cleaning clients and in your marketing. 

Once you understand how your specific services solve the specific pain points of your ideal customer, you have just connected the dots between what you have and what they need.

This is the emotional attachment that will attract the ideal cleaning customers to you and your Maid Service.

Step 4: Establish the emotional and logical value of your cleaning service

You have to have emotional value in your service. 

Emotional responses get results quickly and create a connection between the cleaning client and your Maid Service, which makes it key to this process.

There are plenty of emotions to choose from, so you have the option to choose the marketing tone that makes the most sense for the cleaning services you offer. 

  • Fear – This emotion motivates quick action and many sales models use it. For cleaning businesses, this can be a fear of mess or fear of pests due to lack of cleaning upkeep.
  • Security – Cleaning customers want to feel safe and secure with your services. Use this feeling to inspire you to use marketing to show how you solve problems for cleaning clients.
  • Excitement – Having a clean home is a very happy feeling. Use this emotion in your Maid Service’s marketing plan to illustrate the excitement your cleaning clients will feel after using your cleaning services.
  • Opportunity – Show your cleaning clients what they can gain by using your excellent cleaning services. Remind them that this is a chance to try something that could really help your cleaning clients and that they wouldn’t want to pass it up.
  • Perceived Convenience – Your cleaning clients seek you out because cleaning their own homes can be a tedious, time-sucking task that most people don’t enjoy. Lean into that by letting them know how much easier it is to use your cleaning service so that they can spend more time with family.

You have to connect the emotion to your offer and make it the number one thing that the cleaning client sees. 

Show them that whatever their problem or challenge is, the only solution that can solve it, is your cleaning service. 

There is one more thing that you must be sure to address for your cleaning clients and that is the logical value. 

They need to understand that they can afford it.

You need to establish the emotional value and couple this with the logical value. Explain the cost of the service, reiterating the emotional value (your service is the exact solution they need) and overcome any objections that might come up later when they might start re-thinking spending that money. 

How to price your cleaning services is a very common question from Maid Service owners. If you are still struggling with your pricing we have this article and this video from Maid Service expert Sharon Cowan, that will answer all your pricing questions.

Regardless if you are selling a hundred dollar service or a $10,000 service, emotional selling is a proven method to not only increase sales but to build a clientele of raving fans of your Maid Service. 

Using this system to build authentic trust based on commonality and establishing the emotional value of your service will help attract the ideal clients to you. You will have demonstrated how your cleaning service will solve their problems and make their life better, before you’ve even cleaned their house!

This article is based on a live talk from Tim Croll from the 2019 Maid Summit, hosted and organized by ZenMaid. 

You can watch the full presentation now:

Check out replays of presentations from Tim and over 40 other cleaning industry experts at 

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