Online advertising is increasingly becoming the go-to advertising method for all types of businesses.

Recent research revealed that, in 2017, companies spent more on digital than television ads.

Instagram is probably one of the favorites when it comes to digital marketing. There are over one billion Instagrammers as of June 2018, out of which 80% follow a business.

Instagram is also one of the fastest growing social networking platforms out there. This pretty much explains why your company should start taking Instagram marketing seriously.

When it comes to Instagram marketing, you cannot ignore Instagram Stories. This is because this feature has become an integral part of Instagram and it provides additional reach.

Furthermore, Stories are only visible for 24 hours, which makes them even more engaging. People don’t want to miss out!

Here are a few key reasons why you should use this feature for your business.

Real-Time Marketing

Stories don’t require exhaustive planning and designing. They simply show your real-time business operations and act as a real-time marketing medium.

Maintain Visibility On Your Followers’ Feed

With a large number of posts being uploaded on Instagram every second, the chances are high that yours may not be seen by your followers. That’s why Stories are much better solution, as they stick at the top of the screen and provide much better visibility.

Humanizing Business And Giving Transparency

Showing your human side is very important for maintaining good customer relations. This is because consumers are looking for exciting experiences and want to stay connected. And this is precisely where Stories help you out by initiating a conversation and keeping them engaged.

Provide Special Offers For Limited Time

This strategy makes people curious about your latest Stories and keeps them engaged. In addition to offering them discounts, you can also share your working process, such as behind-the-scenes footage.


Simple events like contests and giveaways can boost your engagement rate by bringing in new followers.

That said, Instagram marketing, when coupled with proven practices such as proper hashtag usage and location tagging, can boost your business manifold.

So, how do you use Instagram Stories for your maid service?

Check out the exciting infographic below that would spill the beans on amazing Instagram stats and figures just to give you more ideas about using this marketing platform.