Marketing on a Shoestring Budget – By Pam Washington

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Pam Washington, of Pam owns and operates both Fast Friendly Spotless (residential) and A-1 Janitorial (commercial)

Is the lack of clients leaving you stressed and feeling overwhelmed?

So, you’ve start your company recently – or maybe you’ve been in business awhile, but just don’t have a ton of money to spend on marketing…

You have BIG plans for what you want to do in your company, life and community but it’s been hard to get enought clients to do much of anything

And, even with working crazy hours and all the stress, you’re STILL not making as much money as you deserve, or really enjoying a ‘business owner’ lifestyle.

Have you even thought of going back to working a job? Are you wondering about throwing in the towel?

Guess what?

Marketing doesn’t have to be hard! Marketing isn’t only for people who can afford to spend thousands of dollars! And successful marketing can be done by anyone (including you) , if they use what’s working NOW, and not some theory/idea they read about long ago…

I’ve been using free marketing, small budgets, & big budgets in my 23+ years while running a VERY successful cleaning company here in Las Vegas, NV.

Stop for a moment, take a deep breath and let me introduce…

“Marketing on a Shoestring Budget”

Discover the 4 TOP tactics that are working RIGHT NOW to quickly and easily add new customers, repeat income, plus plenty of referrals for future growth. Two are focused on gaining new residential accounts and two are for adding new commerical clients.

And whether you’re a “tech geek” looking for online strategies or perfer to go “old school” with offline methods, this package has got yur covered on both fronts!

Would you like to get instant access to:

Four audio trainings that you can listen to anywhere anytime – learn at the gym, while working, in your car, or on the go, listen and learn again, and again

A long form transcript of each audio training (great if you like to use your yellow highlighter to mark key segments) or for later review.

Four PDF summary “road maps” – delivered in bullet point formats so each tactic is easy to read, easy to follow, easy to implement.

Multiple templates where you can “fill in the blank” and sampes for you to copy & paste.

“Marketing on a Shoestring Budget” is a complete package of 4 powerful tactics:


Identify and engage ideal prospects in a way that makes them say “Wow, I need to hire your company!”

Get qualified referrals who already “know, like and trust” you, shorten the buying cycle, while closing bigger/better deals.

Budget to start: $25


Segment and target your ideal markets, get them to call you, or book your services online.

Quickly add new customers in your chosen locations.

Budget to start: $60


Manual or automated, you can reach hundreds (even thousands) or your ideal customers while you sleep.

Your marketing messages are so compelling, they reach out asking “How can I work with you?”

Budget to start: $15-$100


Communicate directly and immediately with people who are looking to buy what you sell (RIGHT NOW). You see requests & decide who you’d like to contact.

Send quotes today, start cleaning tomorrow.Super fast, super easy.

Budget to start: $25

Not only that you’ll get the full access to 4 amazing tactics, but you get my ‘done for you’ templates and samples as well…

  • Formulas and examples on how to know and track your numbers for each marketing tactic
  • Easy processes to calculate your return on investment for each of the 4 tactics you learn
  • Instructions on how to design your doorknob hanger, select your areas, get it distributed, best ways to incentivize for results, suggested commission schedule for your hangers, and much , much more
  • Samples and template for a DIY (do it yourself) doorknob hanger you can create and copy for just pennies
  • Samples and template for professionally printed doorknob hangers (if  you want to spend just a tiny bit more)
  • Get selling skills, ice breakers for attending events, plus instructions on where, when, and how often to network
  • Tips on developing a CRM (customer/prospect relationship manager) so you can track & easily follow up with the people you meet
  • Everything you need to know about email marketing best practices: how to create compelling subject lines, engaging content that your prospect will actually read, and calls to action that get results!, Plus best times to send, tips on frequency, follow up, and next steps.
  • A “nurture email campaign” – 3 part series  subject lines, formatting, and sample text for you to model, or copy.
  • A “follow up” email campaign – 4 part email series with subject lines, formatting and sample text to model, or copy
  • 5 part “fill in the blank” elevator speech worksheet gets you prepared to become a “master networker”
  • Sign up for Thumbtack, and get all my best practices on creating your profile (including a simple but VERY effective welcome video).
  • Buying credits (get the best deals), submitting quotes (pricing strategies), and following up- arguably the most important part of the entire Thumbtack process
  • 5 different templates for Thumbtack quotes, + 6 different follow up messages,
  • With each of the 4 tactics, I’ll end with one “BIG Take-Away” summary on developing a system, delegating the method, and diversifying your tactics for maximum long term marketing effectiveness.
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Marketing on a Shoestring Budget - By Pam Washington

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