How to Hire Employees for Your Cleaning Company (Recorded Webinar)

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If you are struggling to find *STAR* Employees, then this webinar is for you!

This is a recorded webinar that includes the Presentation Notes and several forms (see Bonuses at the linked product)

What will you learn with the Hiring STAR Employees training?

  1. Top 10 Hiring Mistakes to avoid
  2. How to define your ideal employee and create a job profile that matches your expectations
  3. Where to find *STAR* Employees
  4. How to create an employment ad that attracts *STAR* Employees
  5. How to create a Career Center on your website that attracts *STAR* Employees
  6. How to screen resumes so you don’t waste time interviewing applicants that will never make the cut
  7. How to create a system for telephone interviews and questions you should ask
  8. Questions that will help “sell” your company to *STAR* Employees
  9. Questions that will help weed out applicants you SHOULDN’T hire, and that will identify *STAR* Employees
  10. Questions you should never ask
  11. How to create a screening system for ranking each applicant (see BONUS forms below)
  12. Why you need to do reference checks and what questions to ask
  13. What other employment screening you should do to identify *STAR* Employees


  1. Form: Step 1 – Interview Evaluation
  2. Form: Step 2 – Interview Evaluation Worksheet
  3. Form: Step 3 – Interview Ranking Worksheet
  4. List of comprehensive interview questions that will help identify *STAR* Employees
  5. Reference check form

If you are looking for a Hiring System for your cleaning company, then this webinar will help you do just that!


Steve and Jean Hanson are President and Vice President (respectively) of and They’ve been in the industry a combined 30 years with a wide variety of success and experience.


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Pricing model: One Time Fee
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How to Hire Employees for Your Cleaning Company (Recorded Webinar)


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