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We thought it would be helpful to provide you a list of our best free resources that can help your maid service. Our focus on this page is to provide you value and insight that can help you regardless of whether you’re a ZenMaid customer or not. Enjoy!

Free Downloads

1. 5 Tools We Used Daily to Grow Our Maid Service and Save Time

5 Tools We Used to Grow Fast Friendly SpotlessDid you know that ZenMaid was born out of our needs running our own maid service in Orange County, CA?

This free download includes the top free or inexpensive tools we used every day at Fast Friendly Spotless to grow our cleaning business in less time…

2. 4 Ads to Promote Your Maid Service Today 

4 Ads You Can Use Today to Grow Your Maid Service

Have you ever wanted to get started with online advertising but didn’t know where to begin? This resource and the one below are all you’ll need to dominate Google!

Start here with 4 of our ads that are proven to get you clicks … meaning we’ll help bring targeted traffic directly to your website through Google. Just take these ads and you’re good to go!

3. 47 Keywords Every Maid Service Must Know for Google

47 Keywords Every Maid Service Must Know for Google

We grew Fast Friendly Spotless by targeting people in Orange County, CA who were specifically looking for a maid or cleaning service.

With this free download you can target all the same keywords we did, including for green cleaning keywords if your maid service is environmentally friendly. Copy and paste directly into your AdWords campaign and you’re good to go!

Best of the ZenMaid Blog

1. How to Get Your Unpaid Cleanings to 0!

This is one of our all time most popular posts that addresses an issue so many maid service struggle with … how can you guarantee you’ll get paid for your work?

Not only does this article cover how to defend against customers not paying you, it actually gives you a backup option for when they don’t write a check or provide cash.

2. Why Every Maid Service Should be Quoting Online

Gone are the days where you could give in person quotes to each and every person interested in your service. It simply costs too much time and money (especially with rising gas prices!) to go out and view every single home.

This article covers the safest way you can provide quotes online. It’s designed to limit your risk so you don’t sell yourself short … and yet, you’ll learn how to price yourself attractively so you get happy, interested parties contacting you directly through your website for cleanings.

And don’t worry if you’re not technically savvy, we cover that!

3. 3 Example Email Signatures to Get You More Business Today!

Your signature gets seen every time you send a business email to anyone you work with. Make it easy for people to share info about your great cleaning service!

This piece covers how.

Popular Infographics

1. How to Receive Great Testimonials

bw-sales Reviews and ratings online are what separate you from the crowd as maid services get more and more popular. Being able to cultivate testimonials on your service can be the difference between thriving and surviving.


2. 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Employee Recognition

1167srt-blueblue_0du0720d506600000k Happy employees work faster, are more efficient, and make it easy to find even more cleaners to hire. This infographic covers multiple ways you can create a better work environment that consistently results in happier employees.

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