Streamline your Maid Service with the New ZenMaid Redesign

Demoed by Magic Maids owner Courtney Wisely

Spend HALF the time on BS paperwork shuffling, reduce lock-outs & double bookings, and boost the worth of your time!

From first contact to after the cleaning we’ll reduce your workload and stress

No More Double Booking

Rest easy knowing your employees aren’t double booked by easily seeing your employee’s schedule via dispatch view.

Get More New & Recurring Customers

ZenMaid is the only maid service software on the market that actively helps it’s clients to bring on new cleaning customers

No More Lockouts

Consistently remind and follow up with your customers by simply managing your appointments. All automated.

Work Order Automation

Finalize your schedule and we’ll notify your cleaners of the details. We can deliver these by text, email, or even provide your employees a login free of charge.

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Find out how an overworked single mother of four dropped her hours from 90+ per week to under 40.

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