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Maid Service Software that immediately impacts your day-to-day life 


by replacing tools like Google Calendar or Excel, pen & paper, and even other programs:


Spend more time with friends and family!

Spend less time sending work orders and managing your business

Earn enough extra for that vacation you’ve been dreaming of!

Make More Money by Increasing Your Returning Customers


Provide better service to the customers you love!

Improve Your Customers Experiences with a Better Feedback Loop they’ll LOVE

Remove Yourself from the Business

You shouldn’t do everything in your business. We’re here to help.

“ZenMaid helped double our cleanings in just the last 3 months!”

Learn how we reduce headaches, prevent mistakes, and preserve your precious time every single day …

ZenMaid has removed hours from our workload and made managing our company so much easier…   Plus it’s helped double our cleanings in just the last 3 months!

Roman Peysakhovich

Owner, Polina's Cleaning Service

I have had the pleasure of using Zenmaid, and it has relieved so much stress & headache. Amar & his staff are incredibly knowledgable & easy to get ahold of. I highly recommend using this product no matter the size of your cleaning business

Amanda Bartlett

Owner, Essence Home Cleaning, LLC



Managing Your Maid Service Has Never Been This Easy Before

Rated #1 against other Maid Service Software by Owners like You

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Designed by maid service owners


for maid service owners …


What you do...


Schedule your customer’s appointment on ZenMaid

What Zenmaid Does...


Sends work orders to your cleaners


Sends reminders to your customers


Follows up after appointments for feedback and referrals


Handles your payroll in just a few, easy clicks


See it in Action!

Support from experienced maid service owners


who understand your needs


Our competitors offer “great support” from recent college grads who know nothing about our industry.


ZenMaid provides support directly from our founders who previously ran a cleaning business like yours


Amar, Chief Executive Officer

Teamed with co-founder, Arun, after being unable to find a suitable software for his cleaning business, Fast Friendly Spotless
As part of running ZenMaid Amar consults and speaks around the United States about marketing, automation, and outsourcing
Recognized as a leading authority on technology for the cleaning industry
(Amar pictured left with cleaning industry consultant Sharon Tinberg)


Arun, Chief Technical Officer


Stanford PhD and tech genius  
Originally built ZenMaid from the ground up, writing every line of code himself
Now runs talented development team that works with ZenMaid and industry consultants
Specializes in highly functional, easy-to-use technology
(Arun is pictured to the right at a recent speaking engagement)

ZenMaid is the First and Only Residential Cleaning Business Software that Automates Management and Marketing

Work Order Automation

No More Repeating Details to Your Teams. Enter appointment information once in ZenMaid and the Software creates and sends work orders to your cleaners …

Simple Calendar

The ZenMaid Scheduling System is by far the easiest to use on the market … No training necessary because you’ll understand it the first time you login!

The ZenMaid Instant Booking Form

Turn your website visitors into paying customers with this results oriented contact and booking form that integrates customer information directly into ZenMaid.

Customer Reminders & Follow Ups

Reduce your no shows while increasing both your feedback and customer reviews online with our automated reminder and follow up emails!

Any Browser or Platform

As long as you have internet, you have ZenMaid … On the Road or in the Office we have you covered!

Payroll & QuickBooks Integration

ZenMaid calculates employee pay and integrates with QuickBooks so you never have to enter data twice!

Check out ZenMaid in Real Time with our Extensive yet Quick Demo

Trusted by the best in the industry:

ZenMaid and it’s owners have featured in multiple publications and at live events, including, but not limited to:


Rags to Riches (www.successmaideasy.com)

Rags to Riches Owner Sharon Tinberg with ZenMaid CEO Amar Ghose (pictured to the right)


Association of Residential Cleaning Services International

Cleaning Business Today

The Industry Leading Publication and Authority


The home of leading industry consultants Jean and Steve Hanson

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have time to enter all my customers ... Can ZenMaid help?
You bet we can! Just send us over your current customer information however you have it and the ZenMaid team will format and upload it to your new account. FREE!
Is ZenMaid Secure?
Yes, your payment information and customer information is safe with us.
What happens to my customer information? Do I still own it?
Yes, ZenMaid’s terms of service state that the only right we have to your customers’ information is to assist you with your account. You own any and all data you keep in ZenMaid.
Is it really free?
Yes, when you sign up today you’ll have 14 days free access to the best software on the market for maid services. No hidden fees or surprise bills.
Is there a contract or long-term commitment?
No, you can try any of ZenMaid’s plans on a month-to-month agreement, no signature necessary. If ZenMaid isn’t for you you can cancel anytime.
Can I cancel anytime?

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